Hearts of Hope

I believe our relationship reached its pinnacle the very first day we met. The delight we shared at the first encounter, eager get-to- know conversations and flirtations. “You’re irresistible,” you said.

You’d anticipated I will match the basic uncompromising standards you wished in a woman. I’d also anticipated you will match the basic uncompromising standards I wished in a man. I’d hoped you would save me.

We were full of potential. Yet we knew one diversion from those standards would ruin the whole promise and cast unbreakable doubts in our hearts.

After the loveliness, we left for our homes and slept dreamlessly, content there is still hope for true love in the world. Be damned romantic Hollywood movies! On waking up we added each other on Facebook, Google+ and such networking sites to prove our connection is true and promising.

Days and weeks flew by and “Real Life” distracted us, while we assured ourselves that keeping in touch online is a suitable means of communication and relationship building. Love (admiration? lust?) at first sight quickly turned into out of sight, out of mind.

We didn’t consider other efforts in making it work. Those efforts that distinguish success from failure, which develops the lust into true affection. A touch here, a hand-hold there. Laughing, joking and sharing anecdotes on life and dreams of the future.

Such potential, so full of hope. Maybe we were headed down the same path and could have made it work. Like our forefathers and foremothers before. When life seemed simpler and easy to distinguish in black and white films.

We believed we will always be there to grab when we bother to make the time and effort. Still believing in romantic love. That if it’s meant to be it will work itself out. Apparently it wasn’t meant to be. Or we were just too scared to try, lest our connection does actually work out and tie us down.

Our relationship peaked out the very first day we met. It went downhill from there, in arrested development.

Author: letsconclude.net

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