Rain, Curses, and Orangutans: The wondrous colors of Malaysia

The Cattle Egret bird looked questioningly at the tourists hiding in the park’s viewers hut from torrential rain. It was a silly tourist thing to do, forgetting one’s umbrella at the hotel while exploring one of the rainiest cities in Asia. But I guess ‘learning through experience’ is the point of travelling and it was quite amusing to witness wildlife staring at humans in cages for a change.

Letter to my 13-year-old self

I remember the days I believe have shaped you, my dear 13 year old self. You were in high school. Isn’t this the place where long lasting personalities are set, due to raging hormones and peer induced positive and negative events? You were always the best friend, the social pleaser of little peers who fought over your friendship. Happy, bubbly and open, totally unselfconscious, stealing trinkets from home to give your favorite teachers.